How Healthy Is Your Design Firm?

FirmIQ™ is a financial health dashboard for architects, engineers and other design firms. It automatically integrates with your existing accounting and time tracking software.

Insights You Need

FirmIQ™ provides information and insights you need to make critical decisions about your firm's future.
  • Compare your firm

    • How do you compare to other similar design firms?
    • Do your metrics fit with industry best practices?
    • Are you as profitable as you should be?
  • Make strategic decisions

    • Should your firm be hiring more staff?
    • Should you give raises or bonuses to your team?
    • Are you charging your clients enough?
  • Get expert advice

    • Your FirmIQ use includes a quarterly review with a design firm financial expert
    • Discuss your firm's details and strategies for improvement

Have a Look

FirmIQ™ analyzes your existing accounting and performance data to provide valuable insights.
  • Intuitive Dashboard

    Understand your firm's trends and get key insights on what the numbers mean
  • Compare to Other Firms

    See exactly how your metrics compare to other similar firms and industry best practices
  • Easy Integrations

    Pull in data automatically from your existing accounting and time tracking software

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